Hong Kong’s Playground

The visual cacophony of the city cries our for an opposite in order to find balance…by juxtaposing the dancers’ beautiful, subtract and soft lines against the hectic and chaotic jumble of the city.

Omar Z Robles

The first time I traveled all by myself, I was 16 years old. At the airport my mom gave me a big hug and immediately broke into tears. As a teenager, I naturally thought that she was just being dramatic. It was only a short trip, to visit relatives nonetheless. Yet, for my mom it meant so much more. It was a rite of passage for her little boy. I was to head out into the world for the first time without her to hold my hand or protect me from any wrongs. She would have wanted me to stay her little boy forever, while I couldn’t wait to become of age.

DSCF2160 Jessica Burrows | Fujifilm GFX50S + GF63mm F2.8

I was recently hired by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to photograph with dancer Brittany Cavaco for a campaign promoting different local arts venues. The day before my flight I…

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